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Membership Levels

The membership levels and associated fees are listed below.

Membership Class Annual Membership Fees
Premier Member $15,000
General Member See Fee Scale
Associate Member (pre-approved non-profits, open source projects, and government entities) No fee

The annual fee for General membership is determined according to the following table, based on your current consolidated employee headcount:

Consolidated Employees Annual General Membership Fees
500 and above $5,000
Up to 499 $2,000

The Urban Computing Foundation is a neutral forum for accelerating open source and community development that improves mobility, safety, road infrastructure, traffic congestion and energy consumption in connected cities.

As a collection of open source projects, anyone is welcome to participate in the technical development process. The Urban Computing Foundation also welcomes corporate members.  By participating as a corporate member, your organization provides vital funding for the infrastructure and activities that support our open and collaborative development process.

Please note that Linux Foundation membership is required to join the Urban Computing Foundation.

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