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Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

The Foundation uses an open governance model, with review and curation by a Technical Advisory Council (TAC) that is representative of contributors to the urban computing space, to determine tools and software inclusion in the Foundation.

TAC members include:

  • Drew Dara-Abrams, principal, Interline Technologies
  • Javier De la Torre, Founder and CSO, CARTO
  • Oliver Fink, director HERE XYZ, HERE Technologies
  • Travis Gorkin, engineering manager of data visualization, Uber – TAC Chair
  • Shan He, project leader of, Uber
  • Randy Meech, CEO, StreetCred Labs
  • Michal Migurski, engineering manager of spatial computing, Facebook
  • Drishtie Patel, product manager of maps, Facebook
  • Prem Ramaswami, Head of Product, Sidewalk Labs
  • Paolo Santi, senior researcher, MIT
  • Max Sills, attorney, Google